Superior Walls of North Carolina

Corporate Headquarters: Salisbury, NC
Founded: 1999
Phone: 877-896-9255
Email: bgordon@superiorwallsnc.com
Web Site: www.superiorwallsnc.com

Superior Walls of North Carolina started in Oxford, North Carolina. Our first full year of production was 1999. We added a second production facility in Salisbury, North Carolina in 2002 which became our corporate headquarters in 2008. A sales center was also added in Fletcher, NC in 2004.

We've seen very rapid growth as our Precast Insulated Concrete Wall Systems have become the foundation of choice throughout the North Carolina area. Superior Walls of North Carolina has supplied happy homeowners with more than 10,000 dry and energy efficient basements.

Our 5,000 psi concrete walls are not only used as warm and dry basements, but for Above Grade housing systems and light commercial construction as well. The energy efficiency, building strength and maintenance-free aspects of an above grade Superior Walls structure are improving on building standards, value and living comfort for little to no extra cost compared to conventional construction methods. Our customers who have used poured in place concrete foundations or cement block walls in the past have discovered how fast, economical, and strong our Superior Walls systems actually are!

Founded in 1981 by Mel Zimmerman, a Lancaster County, PA home builder, Superior Walls of America now has licensees all around the country.